a hypnotic one-woman set that sounded like a full band. And she stole the night. with roaming ethereal vocals...She maneuvered gadgets at least as much as she plucked or bowed her cello.

Wolf spoke again, briefly, only at the end of the set. By that time, a sense of awe had swept the room.
— New Haven Independent


music blog

"Right from the get go, however, the urgency of the song seeps in. There is a heart pounding kind of excitement to how it expands onto itself. The songwriter’s voice is lilting and light over the cascading sonic waves rolling underneath it."

- Red Line Roots

"There is a lot of emotion in these performances, almost tiring to a degree to watch Laura creating this orchestra of sound in front of you, but damn it makes you feel it...all of it."

- Brian Carroll, Red Line Roots, music blog via facebook


music blog

"Transitioning from soft to tough and gritty...can be challenging. In her new release, Wolf meets the challenge with a lush and distinctive sound."

"Laura Wolf is a one-woman orchestra. In live shows, she drapes herself in instruments, trading her cello for electric guitar and vocals as she builds complex songs one voice at a time with the help of a loop pedal."


- Laura Kerry, THRDCOAST