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"Right from the get go, however, the urgency of the song seeps in. There is a heart pounding kind of excitement to how it expands onto itself. The songwriter’s voice is lilting and light over the cascading sonic waves rolling underneath it."

- Red Line Roots

"There is a lot of emotion in these performances, almost tiring to a degree to watch Laura creating this orchestra of sound in front of you, but damn it makes you feel it...all of it."

- Brian Carroll, Red Line Roots, music blog via facebook


music blog

"Transitioning from soft to tough and gritty...can be challenging. In her new release, Wolf meets the challenge with a lush and distinctive sound."

"Laura Wolf is a one-woman orchestra. In live shows, she drapes herself in instruments, trading her cello for electric guitar and vocals as she builds complex songs one voice at a time with the help of a loop pedal."


- Laura Kerry, THRDCOAST